Engaging with New Audiences Project 2018

With funding and support from the Sandford Award for Informal Learning (SAIL) project, the Learning team at Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre have been working with CANadda (www.canadda.org.uk) to produce some promotional videos.

The group, of autistic adults, young people and their carers, visited the museum several times over the year. They took photographs and videos, and, if necessary, were given help to use iPads and the app iMovie. The adults, young people and carers worked together and with our Education Officer to refine their work, adding sound, titles and special effects. Four videos were produced. Here are some comments from the group about the project:

“The best part of the project was looking at all the exhibits and using an iPad for the first time” Sue.
“I enjoyed learning all about the RAF Metheringham Airfield”. Shaun.
“Really interesting well-hidden part of Lincolnshire’s Aviation Heritage, it’s been a pleasure to have been a part of it”. Dominic.
“It’s been a fabulous experience, I am grateful I have been involved in this amazing project”. Debbie.

Click here to view the videos (via a 3rd-party video-hosting site), which will help you see what is available during your next visit to Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre.