Happy New Year to our followers and members of the AVG. We met for the first time this year and what a day it was. There were eleven of us (brilliant turnout for a so early in the year – thank you) and we spent the day carrying out all sorts of activities. We welcomed two new volunteers to our team and we thank them for spending their spare time with us. Some of the exhibition team (Kate and Beryl) started collecting new items for display (thanks to Keith, Roger, David and Rod for shifting the heavy stuff) and planning for their next session, David of the research team, continued his activities for veterans’ families’ enquirers and his digitization activities, with the remainder (Linda, Sue, Keith, Cliff, Roger, and Bethany receiving refresher training from Caterina, on how to clean, record, photograph and package some of our collection of clothing. What a team!  We continued using our lovely new special archive boxes and our new red museum vacuum cleaner, funded by a grant from the Collection’s Access Support Fund of MDEM; you can see them in the photo. Thanks again to all the team, and see you next week.