Today was a hive of activity at Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre with 12 of our volunteers split into five separate teams.

  • The “clothing-conservation team” of Wendy, Sue and Linda, cleaned, recorded, labelled, photographed 14 individual items of our collection; some of them were very large items.
  • The “exhibition team” of Beryl, Christine and Keith, were planning and preparing one of the museum rooms for the new season, selecting artefacts and painting walls.
  • The “digitisation team” of David, Cliff and Tony started conserving, repackaging, describing and labelling our photographic collection, managing to work through 47 individual photographs and digitise some of our research material.
  • Chris started clearing one of our admin stores to help the maintenance team keep their equipment organised.
  • Roger and Caterina spent the time moving many of our artefacts into one of our newly-cleaned and reorganised stores; a total of 37 individual items were given a new home.

Very many thanks to all the team who spent their spare time with us, you are all making such a huge difference.

If you want to join our happy team, email us via the website’s “contact us” page, send us a Tweet or post on our Facebook page, we would love to see you. Check out the calendar on the website for the next date of the AVG. Happy Volunteering! Caterina.