A tremendously windy day this Saturday, blowing us all over the place but the stalwart AVG members battled through regardless.

The exhibition team added the finishing touches to the new displays in our main museum rooms, with final cleaning of all cabinets now complete. Work started on dismantling some old cabinets, which will form a new display area being prepared. Digitisation and auditing of the main collection continues apace.

However, the AVG were not the only ones working hard at MAVC this week. Our Learning team worked with new and experienced volunteers and a number of professional museum educators, to review and develop our schools programme.

What a great week, and if your school is interested in visiting us to learn more about the stories we tell through the RAF Metheringham Experience, then come along and find out more at our Teachers’ Twilight session on Tuesday 30th April 4 – 6pm; booking essential as places are limited.

See our learning page for more information https://metheringhamairfieldmuseum.co.uk/school-visits/.