The sun was shining and the atmosphere was buzzing on our first day of the season.
Fourteen members of the AVG came today carrying a variety of tasks. Roger and Mike completed the reconstruction of two new exhibition cabinets and then along with David and Keith installed for display three original doors. Cliff, Linda, Tracey, Michael, Bethany and Annabelle, continued auditing our varied collection, with Sue and Keith organising our library material. Beryl and Chris checked all was ready in the Zena Scoley room exhibition for visitors.
All the effort of the previous 5 months have been worth it as on this, our opening day of the season, our friendly Stewards and trustees welcomed around 100 visitors.
We were also lucky enough to have members of the “20th century Soldier LHG” re-enactment group spend the day with us; they made the atmosphere even more special as they were dressed in original WW2 RAF uniforms and played cricket on the grass just as those young men of 106 Squadron might have done 75 years ago. We thank them for spending the day with us and we look forward to welcoming them back again this season. A fitting tribute as we remember the three Lancaster crews who lost their lives on this day in 1944.
To help our museum raise funds to keep the memory of those who served alive, next weekend, 6th April, we will be preparing for an evening performance of ‘Those Magnificent Men’ with Brian Mitchell and David Mountfield. But tickets are going fast, so if you would like some then please call Peter Garland on 07933 287316. Thank you. Caterina, Curator.