The wind howled and nearly blew us all over this Saturday, but despite this, eleven members of the Archive Volunteers’ Group (AVG) continued their good work at the centre. Research, conservation and display activities were a priority, with all the volunteers honing their skills in at least one of these areas.

Our Mascot, Mr Fox is currently on display so one of our volunteers kindly made a stand-in. Where do you think the new ‘Mr Fox’ has been this week? If you can name any of the locations around the museum please comment and let us know. If you haven’t visited yet then come along and see the real thing.

This is the last blog of the AVG. From 1st May, we will be renaming our group to reflect better, the wide range of activities we do in support of the museum. Next time we will be reporting as The Curatorial Team. Thank you for reading our news. The Curator.