Artefact of the month – Mr Fox

Lucky charms and mascots were often used during wartime due to the danger and stress of operational life. Mascots helped to maintain morale and gave aircrews the courage and confidence to face each operation. However, these charms, talismans and mascots were not just a matter of superstition; they often had a special attachment to a loved one and provided a link with the world beyond the war. Even the highly experienced aircrew of 106 Squadron, based at RAF Metheringham, had their own lucky mascot: Mr Fox.

Mr Fox was the ‘eighth member’ of one of the crews at RAF Metheringham who did 30 operational sorties with 106 Squadron. He spent his time with Navigator Bill Hovey, who also took part in the D-Day landings; if you look carefully you can see that all the sorties are marked on Mr Fox’s breeches. He is one of our most precious artefacts and is currently on display.


He inspired one of our volunteers, Sue, who knitted a replica Mr Fox. Our new Mr  Fox has been busy working as a Steward in the museum’s shop this weekend along with Beth and Tracey. He’s been helping to welcome visitors but when the sun came out Mr Fox took 5 minutes to enjoy looking at the variety of souvenirs that we have available and he had an ice cream too! Later he browsed through the museum’s extensive selection of aviation books.

Look out for Mr Fox when you next visit Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre he is currently on display in the new ‘Put Yourself in their Shoes’ exhibition in the Zena Scoley Museum room. Last Summer ‘Mr Fox’ appeared on our children’s trail.

Children and families looked for Mr Fox markers placed around the museum to help them learn all about RAF Metheringham Airfield and 106 Squadron; he will be making another appearance again in our new children’s trail … coming soon.

What other mascots do you know about? Share them with us.