Flt/Sgt Stanley Black #RAAF evaded with the help of locals & finally ended up in the #American sector of the #Normandy beaches at #Graignes, managing to join up with a group of miss-dropped #American #Paratroops that had become cut off from their main force nearer to the beaches.

The village of #Graignes was attacked several times by the Germans who suffered very heavy casualties. After holding the village for 2 days the small group of #US #Airborne troops was overrun on June 11th when the Waffen SS finally captured the village.

At the end of the battle, German forces subsequently set fire to the village, executing many French civilians and shooting the surviving wounded soldiers in the first aid post located in the village church.

Flt/Sgt Stanley Black was also killed during this time, his death is reported as June 11th 4 days after bailing out. He is now commemorated on a memorial in the village church which was mostly destroyed, alongside the names of the #US defenders & #French civilians who were also lost.