New Schools’-Visits Programme Launched

Following participation in the Museums Development East Midlands (MDEM) “Engaging with School Development Programme”, a successful Teachers’ Twilight evening of consultation and an evaluation (a visit by children from a local Primary School), the new “RAF Metheringham Experience Day” has been launched by the Learning Team.

The new 2019 programme is an immersive day of learning. Pre-visit activities help the children learn about the roles of crews on the Lancaster Bombers that flew with 106 Squadron and from RAF Metheringham.

From the moment of arrival, the children learn what it was like to be a new member of a crew at RAF Metheringham. They find out what it might have felt like to be evacuated back to Blighty in our original Dakota aircraft, experience an air-raid in our original Stanton shelter and have their lunch in the “mess hall”. In the afternoon the children take part in two “sorties”, including a dramatized re-enactment of a ditching at sea and an object-handling session with a twist; considering modern equivalents to a WW2 pocket sized “survival” kit. The day finishes with a debrief where the children complete their log-books, which they can take home. A post-visit activity is included where children write a “letter home” to share their experiences.

To find out more and how to make a booking, please see our website’s Learning Page.