A world where RAF Metheringham is never forgotten.

In this year, the 80th anniversary of the beginning of World War 2, Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre (on the site of former RAF Metheringham) can play a large part in the delivery of a World War 2 project, as well as your local-history topic. Our theme this year is ‘Put yourself in their shoes,’ in which we focus on individual stories of the personnel involved at Metheringham Airfield and 106 Squadron, during the war.

National Curriculum: This programme has been designed for Key Stage 2 and to meet the National Curriculum objectives including a local history study: an aspect of history or a site dating from a period beyond 1066 that is significant in the locality.
Also, and through this immersive experience, your Key Stage 2 children will learn skills such as team building, empathy, be able to practice their speaking and listening through role play and consider how best to handle objects that are over 75 years old.
Please note: We are keen to work with schools and colleges who wish to develop Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 subject areas; through debate and drama your young people can consider the wider aspects of conflict and the legacy of war.

Key Stage 2 RAF Metheringham Experience Day:

Your children will step back in time and become a newly trained member of the RAF at the newly built RAF Metheringham (1943 – 1946). You will learn where you will live, work and play plus what might happen to you when you fly your sorties. Will you have to ditch in the sea or escape and evade capture; when will you get back to “blighty”?

You will refresh your learning as a member of a Lancaster bomber crew (pre-visit information is provided) and see the equipment you would use on your flight (in our museum rooms).

Experience the sounds and feelings of being in an original Air Ministry Air-raid shelter during a raid. Listen out for the All Clear!


WOW! Step inside’ our original World War 2 Dakota aeroplane KG651, learn about who built it, flew in it and the crew who flew it; could it be you sitting in the cockpit?

Have your pre-Sortie meal (Lunch) in the ‘Mess Hall’ (our original wartime gymnasium)

Following your ‘crew briefing’, immerse yourself in our Ditching Drama, as we retell the real-life rescue of John Sargeant’s crew, in a fun, engaging and action-packed experience.

Find out what it was like for Bill Knaggs to escape and evade after bailing out of his Lancaster Bomber. What would you do and what would you need if you were ‘in his shoes’? Consider what you might use today if you needed to create a ‘survival kit’; all with the bonus of handling original artefacts and the chance to dress up in World War 2 clothing.

At the end of the day, take home your very own Log Book and complete your sortie details.
When you get back to school why not write a letter home (post visit activity supplied) to tell your loved ones of your experience as a member of 106 Squadron and at RAF Metheringham.

School Visit information

Staffing: Our friendly and knowledgeable volunteers will provide your children with an experience never to be forgotten. All events take place inside original Wartime buildings or aircraft, but with modern facilities for your trip.

Accessibility: The museum rooms and wartime gymnasium as fully accessible. There are a few small steps leading down to the Air-raid shelter and the Dakota is entered via steps. Therefore, for wheelchair users we provide alternative information for those unable to access those areas. See also our Risk Assessment.

Facilities: Have your lunch in the Mess Hall (our original wartime gymnasium) and with the availability of our kitchen facilities we provide complementary teas and coffees for staff during lunch.

Parking: There is space for one coach to park on site and a separate car park for staff who wish to bring their own car or other smaller transport.

Cost: New bookings from May 2019 £7.00 per child (includes a £2 goody bag; choose from a list of relevant items when booking)

Please note that during 2019 our capacity is a maximum of 30 children. This figure is currently dictated by the limitation of numbers able to enter our World War 2 Dakota aircraft.

What we provide: Risk Assessment. A pre-visit activity to help you prepare your children for the day’s learning, a full day’s engaging and fun experience, a personalised Log book for each child to take home and a post-visit suggested activity.

Transport Costs: If you are a Lincolnshire school you may be able to claim £300 towards the cost of transport from Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire

When can you visit? We welcome visits between April and October – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. The museum will not be open to the public during your visit, so the site is exclusively yours for the day!

For more information see our flyer or to discuss your booking dates, please contact our Education Officer Gill Matheson on education.mavc@gmail.com