A world where RAF Metheringham is never forgotten.

Ensuring future generations are aware of the history of RAF Metheringham is very important to us. We therefore warmly welcome school visits to our museum.

What makes our school visits special?

Experience the unique atmosphere of a real war-time airfield.

Engage the children in our exciting activities.

Learn from our experienced volunteers.

We reveal the story of RAF Metheringham.

Plan Your Visit

Choose from a variety of activities:

  • Have a lesson inside our vintage Dakota aircraft
  • Be war-time detectives – handle real artefacts
  • Learn about the brave Lancaster Bomber crews
  • Experience an air-raid in our original shelters
  • Lunch in our street party atmosphere

Want to find out more or book a visit?

Our educational programme is available from April 2nd to October 26th 2018 during term time, with the exception of Wednesdays.  If you would like to know more, click here, or if you are ready to book please contact our Education Officer as follows:

Caterina Scott

Telephone: 07789 860 064

Email: caterina.scott@outlook.com

Risk Assessment Form

Please see attached our assessment form. This is a guideline, designed to aid visiting teachers in completing their own risk assessment forms. Teachers are advised to carry out a preliminary visit in advance of their school trip in order to conduct their own risk assessment.


Please download our Risk Assessment Form:

Risk Assessment METHERINGHAM