“People who volunteer are happier” (Konrath 2014: The Power of Philanthropy and Volunteering)
Let’s hear from some of our volunteers…

“Having been members of the airfield centre for 14 years and before my disability took its toll, I was able to carry out tasks such as enlarging the kitchen area etc. Since then, I have been waiting for something useful to be involved with. Thankfully, together with my wife, we have found our niche in the Archive Volunteers Group #AVG where we have met a pleasant, happy but dedicated team. Training is given in all aspects and when we are given a task to fulfill, it can become a very moving experience, learning about those young men and women to whom we owe so much.”
Cliff & Wendy

“We volunteer because RAF Metheringham is a special place. Not only because of its place in the history of Bomber Command but personally for us, as my uncle was a WOP/Air Gunner with 106 Squadron and we literally get to walk where he walked 75 years ago. It is also made special because of the visitors who share their own stories, family histories and experiences with us.”
Chris & Christine

“I volunteer at RAF Metheringham because it gives me the perfect opportunity to meet new people, further my life-long passion for military history, learn important new skills whilst honouring the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for today’s freedom.”

“Volunteering at RAF Metheringham (an accredited museum) is a privilege. It gives me the opportunity to work with an enthusiastic team to preserve the collection as well as helping to share, with the next generation, the stories of those who served.” Caterina

“On a summer’s day it’s a tranquil environment to spend a few hours. You never know who you are going to meet, some very interesting people turn up with amazing stories and artefacts and it’s rewarding to see positive and glowing comments in the Visitors Book and on TripAdvisor praising your efforts.”

“I would urge anyone to join the “Squadron of volunteers” as the satisfaction of helping out is rewarding and you meet a good bunch of people, especially the organised visits with the interaction of the public and schools.”

“I volunteer because, before about 1985 time, having bought a cottage on the peri track, I knew nothing of it’s history or 106 Squadron. George Wright would often sit in his Landrover on the airfield & would tell me bits about the history. Later, while making a video about Lancasters, I thought it would be nice if I built a little something on my land to recognise them & to dedicate my video to them hence meeting Des Richards, & the rest is history.
The veterans of 106 Squadron made me so welcome, that we sort of ‘adopted’ each other & I made many close friendships amongst them. So….how could I not become a volunteer in various aspects over the last quarter of a century.”

identifying uniforms

“…because I am trying to repay in my own small way what those boys sacrificed and suffered for my benefit. If it wasn’t for them I would not be here today. God Bless them.”

At RAF Metheringham volunteers matter!