Here at RAF Metheringham Airfield Museum our volunteers are at the very heart of everything that happens and we have a broad range of areas in which you can get involved.

If you are looking for a new interest, have some spare time or would like to meet new people then why not consider being part of our team here at RAF Metheringham, the wartime home of 106 Squadron found in the heart of Bomber County, Lincolnshire?

What can you expect from volunteering at RAF Metheringham?

o A warm and friendly welcome with social events to come along to & make new friends
o A full tour of the site with induction & training
o To enjoy your time volunteering at RAF Metheringham Airfield Museum

How can you get involved?
Have a look through our volunteering opportunities: what would you like to do?

Current Vacancies: Stewards.

Stewarding at RAF Metheringham
Here at RAF Metheringham Airfield Museum we pride ourselves on giving a warm welcome to all our visitors. As a volunteer Steward you will be the friendly face of the museum which guides and directs our visitors to those exhibits housed in both our genuine WW2 buildings and to the outdoor displays such as the Stanton Air Raid Shelter or our C-47 Douglas Dakota aircraft.
Working as part of a team of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers you will help visitors to enjoy all the facilities at the site imparting knowledge of the artefacts in our collection, to explore the history of the airfield and to retell the stories of all those who served on 106 Squadron.
One of the biggest rewards you will gain is the opportunity to meet the families, friends and relatives of the men and women who served at RAF Metheringham and helping them to retrace their family member’s footsteps.
Along with housekeeping duties such as opening up the museum buildings on our open days: Sat/Sun/Weds, helping to serve in the small shop and ensuring that visitors have a safe and memorable time, you will take pride in being part of the ‘Hidden Gem’ that is RAF Metheringham.
Volunteers Stewards should have a passion for history and be able to communicate this to visitors of all ages and backgrounds in an interesting, patient and friendly manner (Full training and information of RAF Metheringham will be provided.)
Would you like to join our superstar Stewards?

Curatorial Team
We would like some volunteers to help with some out-of-season activities. We are currently reorganising our stores and preparing new exhibitions. Roles will involve cataloguing, labelling, sewing, organising, documenting, conserving, designing, researching, digitising and you will be allowed to handle some very precious objects! We are very flexible and are happy for people to fit us in around their current work or activities but would like volunteers who can dedicate their time with us in a more long-term manner. Training in all aspects of the work will be given so if you have an interest in preserving the memory of those who served during World War Two then come and join a friendly & happy team of volunteers.

Dakota KG651: ‘The Dak Team’
Our WW2 C-47A Douglas Dakota is being restored as a ground display aircraft with the aim being to revert it back to how it appeared in 1944. This work is carried out by a small number of ex-aircraft engineers with some less experienced but enthusiastic team members. We fabricate parts, inspect, clean, maintain and preserve structures, systems and components. Instruction and supervision is given where needed. Some research is required and we make a record of what has been done. There is still a lot of work to do before the restoration is completed and then it will still need maintaining.
As the aircraft will not fly again we have the opportunity to allow access to the public so they can experience a little of what it was like to be there in 1944 in a genuine military Dakota. Sometimes we are fortunate to meet interesting visitors who have connections to the Dakota and we find out more about the aircraft, it’s past and the people who operated them. The Dakota is a very popular attraction at the museum, if you would like to help us make it better, please contact us.

Be a Fundraiser
The work carried out here at RAF Metheringham is ALL funded by the donations we receive from our visitors and in addition, we also have been, from time to time, successful in some small grant applications.
In order that the work to preserve the history and maintain the museum and its collection continues, it is essential that we continue to raise vital funds to ensure our poignant and historic work can continue.
Our aim is to have a structured and co-ordinated approach to fundraising here at the museum. Forming a team whose role is solely to raise funds to support the work we do at RAF Metheringham is the first step! Is this something that you can help us to achieve? Maybe you have some new and innovative ideas by which we could achieve this? Could you put the ‘fun’ into fundraising at our WW2 airfield museum?

AEC Matador Coles Crane: A restoration project
RAF Metheringham has the chance to bring the sights and sounds of the ground crew alive through the restoration of an AEC Matador 6×6 fitted with a Coles crane.
Our Crane is one of a few examples left of this type. It was used during the war years for recovery and routine maintenance of aircraft, after the war many were sold to logging companies and were left to rot.
You will have the opportunity to be part of the team brining one of these machines back to life; to celebrate and share the stories of the AEC Matador Coles Crane whose small part, it could be argued, was key to the operation of the Royal Air Force.
Do you have an interest in WW2 Vehicles or know a bit about vehicle electrics? Can you turn a spanner, or do a bit of fabricating – if the answer to any of these questions is YES, we would like to hear from you!

Wartime Buildings & General Maintenance Team
A key part of the history of the airfield is the preserved genuine wartime buildings we have on this, the domestic site at RAF Metheringham. We would like to put together a team responsible for the maintenance of these historic and atmospheric structures; to check, plan, repair, paint – if and where necessary, in order to ensure their upkeep.
If you have skills and experience in joinery, construction, interior and exterior painting and/or general building maintenance, we’ d very much like you to get in touch. Be part of this essential team which will preserve the very backbone of this WW2 heritage site.

If you have read something that interests you, if it has ignited a spark of intrigue or you would like to find out more about what we do here at RAF Metheringham, please drop us a line (e-mail) in the first instance, by completing the sections below.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the work of the volunteers at RAF Metheringham…we look forward to meeting you!

‘We are RAF Metheringham’